INMP Coordinators Bulletin

September 21, 2021 • Issue #21.04


Today, September 21, 2021, we join the United Nations and our global family to commemorate the UN's International Day of Peace, a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. Read more...


In June 2021, INMP produced and launched its new 2021 INMP WEBINAR & WORKSHOP SERIES. The webinar, Museums for Peace and COVID: One Year Later and a two-part workshop, Digital Transformation in Museums Today: Part I & Part 2, are available to view free of charge, by clicking on the title links above. * * *After four years without its own web-domain-name, the INMP has reclaimed its previous domain-names, "" and "" The INMP home page may now be accessed at and This INMP Coordinators Bulletin is housed at


At least two more webinars will be held in 2021. In October (date & time TBA), INMP will host Artivism: Art and Peace, in which artists, cartoonists, weavers, and other "peace artivists" demonstrate their projects for peace. In upcoming months, watch for INMP Webinar announcements about Peace Education at Museums for Peace: Exhibits and Learning Activities, and Peace Heritage.* * *The year 2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of the INMP. The Heritage, Projects and Activities Working Group invites your input and suggestions for commemorating and celebrating this milestone year for INMP. Please send your thoughts to

The INMP Coordinators have received proposals from two bidders to host The 11th International Conference of Museums for Peace in 2023: The Peace House, Uppsala (Sweden), and The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg (CANADA). Members of International Conference Working Group will review and recommend their nomination to the INMP Executive Board, who will decide the winning bidder. * * *
Kimberlye "Kya" Kim, Director, Peace Mask Project (Kyoto, Japan), has volunteered to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the INMP Newsletter. She is collaborating with the INMP Coordinators and the Publications/Newsletter Working Group members to clarify the roles of Newsletter's Editorial Board, and to update the Newsletter's editorial policies and priorities. * * *The INMP Coordinators have designated the title "Special Advisor to the INMP Coordinators" to Roy Tamashiro who has been advising, supporting and facilitating the work of the INMP Coordinators. * * *For new or continuing INMP Members, the INMP Office in Kyoto explains how to pay the INMP membership fees for 2021. CLICK HERE for details.
Satoko Oka Norimatsu has translated and distributed English summary notes from an INMP Webinar in Japanese held in April 2021, titled "Dynamics of Preserving War Survivors’ Experience – in dialogue with the new publication “Why We remember War Survivors’ Experience."* * *INMP members, peace educators and peace activists are invited to join the 50th Anniversary Peace Education Commission Conference to be held both online and on-site in Moscow, 27--29 October, 2021. Paper presentation proposals are still being accepted. [English and Russian languages only.] CLICK HERE for details.* * *Satoko Oka Norimatsu writes on "My discomfort with calling on Olympic athletes to have a minute of silence on the Hiroshima Day," in an Asahi-Ronza article.* * *The 2021 Peace and Justice Studies Association will hold its 2021 Conference online and on-ground on October 8-10, 2021. CLICK HERE for details.* * *The Second World Peace Congress in Barcelona, organized by the In The International Peace Bureau, will be held 15-17 October 2021. Registration is open and free.