INMP Coordinators Bulletin

April 2022 • Issue #22.01

Greetings, from the INMP Coordinators, Iratxe Momoitio Astorkia and Satoko Oka Norimatsu. In this edition of the INMP Coordinators Bulletin, we (1) alert you to recent changes in the INMP leadership; (2) we present a 2021 year-end review of INMP activities, and (3) we outline the planned activities for 2022, including the budget that has now been approved by the Executive Board.

Leadership Changes in INMP:

In December 2021, Akihiko Kimijima submitted a request to resign as an INMP Coordinator. The Board and the Coordinators have extended an enthusiastic thank you to Prof. Kimijima for his generous service to INMP throughout 2021. The Board also affirmed that Satoko and Iratxe continue as a team of two INMP Coordinators, without appointing or electing a replacement, until the next election in 2023.* * *The Executive Board approved Satoko Oka Norimatsu to serve as Interim INMP Treasurer for 2022-2023? In that role, Satoko will oversee, direct, and coordinate financial, banking and membership operations and record-keeping in cooperation with the INMP Office (Kyoto Office).* * *The INMP Executive Board has ratified a new Mission | Vision | Goals Statement for the organization. The statement is available on the INMP website. * * *The 2021 Activities Report & 2022 ProposalsThe full Annual Report of 2021 INMP Activities and the 2022 Prospectus of Activities are available here. Highlights in the 2021 Activities reports include:

Under the leadership of Kya Kim as Editor-in-Chief, a renewed edition of the INMP Newsletter has been published in both English and Japanese. The Newsletter will be published twice a year beginning in 2022

  • An index for the first 35 issues of the INMP Newsletter, has been compiled and is now available on the INMP website.
  • For a free subscription to the Newsletter, CLICK HERE.
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* * *Invitation to the UIA Round Table Brussels: The Union of International Associations (UIA) invites the International Network of Museums for Peace to participate in its 15th Associations Round Table Brussels at the Marriott Grand Place on Friday 20 May 2022. Read more...
New! INMP Membership Fees Revised for 2022
The Executive Board has approved a new, simplified INMP Membership Fee structure for Institutional members and for Individual members to be implemented in 2022. CLICK HERE to read more, or see to pay your 2022 dues in advance.
* * *

New! INMP Working groups revisions

For 2022-2023, the working groups will be reconfigured according to each person’s available time, energy, interests and initiatives. The following is a list of those who volunteered for the 2022-2023 Working Groups:
1.Governance Working Group (Including membership and networking): Clive Barrett [Chaired by Satoko Norimatsu and Iratxe Momoitio]
2.Activities, Projects and Events Working Group: Junko Kanekiyo, Kevin Kelly, Shannen Johnson; Mona Badamchizadeh; Munuve Mutisya; Kimberly Baker [Chaired by Iratxe Momoitio and Mona Badamchizadeh]
3.International Conference Working Group: Lomudak Okech, Mona Badamchizadeh; Lonnie Franks; Kathleen Cogan; Roy Tamashiro. [Chaired by Iratxe Momoitio and Jesper Magnusson]
4.Newsletter, Archives and Publications Working Group: Kazuyo Yamane, Mona Badamchizadeh; Clive Barrett; Francis Hutchinson; Lucy Colback(n); Christian Bartolf; Roy Tamashiro. [Chaired by Kya Kim and Joyce Apsel]
5.Communications Working Group: Farzane Nazari, Shannen Johnson; Christian Bartolf. [Chaired by Roy Tamashiro and Satoko Norimatsu]
If you wish to participate actively in any of those working groups the next two years (2022-2023), please write to * * *Other Activities Proposed for 2022While most of the goals from 2021 will continue into 2022, here are some activities and events:
  • An online conference is planned for November 2022 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of INMP..
  • Two new webinars will be held in May 2022 on peace heritage issues.
  • Activities Proposed by INMP Members: INMP members will have the opportunity to propose and organise projects and online events which can benefit other INMP members worldwide.
  • Preparations for the 11th International Conference of Museums for Peace will continue through 2022 and 2023.
  • Expansion of INMP's Social Network presence and revision of the INMP website will continue in 2022.
  • Information to members will continue to be distributed by the INMP Coordinators Bulletin, and the INMP Newsletter.